District Judge (Magistrates’ Courts) Anne Marshall

Judicial Member

Career and Experience

Ms Anne Marshall qualified as a solicitor in 1998 and practised for 11 years in a Belfast firm specialising in criminal and human rights law. 

In 2010 she moved to the Children’s Law Centre and was also appointed as Legally Qualified Chair of the Exceptional Circumstances Body (Department of Education). She took up a position as a Prosecutor in the Public Prosecution Service (2012-2013) until appointed as a Deputy District Judge (Magistrate’s Court) in August 2013. 

She sat as a Deputy District Judge (criminal and family work) over the next 9 years and developed a portfolio of roles as follows: President of Review Tribunals, Legally Qualified Chair of Police Appeals Tribunals (Department of Justice), Presiding Member of Civil Legal Aid Appeals Panels (Legal Services Agency), Legal Assessor to the Nursing & Midwifery Council regulatory hearings and worked as a Parades Commissioner (NIO).

Ms Marshall was appointed a District Judge (Magistrates’ Courts) on June 7 2022.

Period of Appointment and Remuneration

District Judge Marshall (Magistrates’ Courts) was appointed as a Commissioner in the Northern Ireland Judicial Appointments Commission for a 5-year term from 11 March 2024 to 10 March 2029. Judicial members, with the exception of the Lay Magistrate are not remunerated for their appointment.

Political Activity:

District Judge Anne Marshall has not engaged in any political activity in the last five years.

Other Public Appointments Held