The Selection Process

The Northern Ireland Judicial Appointment Commission’s (NIJAC’s) selection processes are designed to enable NIJAC to select persons for judicial office on the basis of merit, having considered their eligibility, suitability and integrity.

Once an applicant has submitted their application the process of selection has five distinct phases, those being:


Once application forms are submitted they will be checked to ensure applicants meet the statutory eligibility criteria.

Further information on eligibility criteria.


Further information on the Shortlisting methods used..

Final Assessment

Further information on the Final Assessment.

Pre-Appointment Checks

Following attendance at the final assessment stage, the most meritorious applicant(s) identified are subject to a series of pre-appointment checks prior to an offer of appointment.

This will include the following:

Access NI (check for criminal convictions), including ID validation by a member of NIJAC staff.

HM Revenue & Customs (HMRC) check to determine if the applicant has any outstanding enforcement issues.

Professional Body (The Bar of Northern Ireland, The Law Society of Northern Ireland or General Medical Council) check to determine if the applicant has ever been the subject of the disciplinary or complaints handling process of the body or if any such proceedings are pending.

Civil Judgments check with the Enforcement of Judgements Office to determine if there has been any civil judgements relating to the recovery of money, goods or property issued against the applicant in the past 6 years.

Conflict of Interest enquiry with a member of the Selection Committee to discuss a number of matters in respect of outside activities, political activity, commercial and non-commercial directorships, authoring/editing of publications and general conflicts.


Once the pre-appointment checks are completed the Selection Committee will submit a recommendation report to the appropriate authority. For NIJAC appointments this is NIJAC’s Plenary and for Crown Appointments this is the Crown Office.

After the appointment has been approved a swearing-in ceremony will be arranged.