The Person Specification

A graphic showing geometric shapes with the title 'The Person Specification'

What is the Person Specification?

The Person Specification is the statement of the skills, attributes, behaviours and aspects of effectiveness sought for each individual judicial office. The contents of the Specification sets out the basis upon which the Selection Committee will determine merit.

The Person Specification is created for each role by the Selection Committee. Each Selection Committee will examine the Judicial Profile framework to determine the criteria to be used and against which merit will be determined.

As well as the Judicial Profile there will be two other significant contributors to that process:

  • Job Description
  • Co- Opted Member - Input of the Presiding officer at the relevant tier (or a colleague nominated by them)

The range of Criteria and Elements selected will take place under the guidance of NIJAC. The resulting Person Specification will set out for the Selection Committee and applicants the requirements for the role.


Each stage of assessment and selection will be directed at assessing the Person Specification and each  method designed to make that assessment.


All Selection Committees will make their selection decision solely on the basis of how the applicants in the scheme have performed in relation to the Person Specification.


The Person Specification is listed for each scheme in the respective Applicant Information Booklet.


Occasionally applicants will be assessed against a limited range of the Person Specification for the purposes of shortlisting but all final assessment decisions will be based on the full range of the Person Specification.


Further resources have been produced including a guide, infographic and two information videos.

Potential applicants are advised to read the material provided and access the videos to familiarise themselves with the new approach and how it will affect Assessment and Selection.

View the Guide, Infographic and Videos

View examples of a Person Specification for a Senior Legal Role and a Lay/Medical Role.