Judicial Shadowing Scheme

Have you considered applying to shadow a Judicial Office Holder?

All of the Courts, Commissions and Tribunals listed below participate in the Judicial Shadowing Scheme:

  • The High Court
  • The Magistrates' Court
  • The Crown Court
  • The County Court
  • The Small Claims Court
  • Masters
  • Coroners' Court
  • Appeal Tribunals
  • Care Tribunal
  • Criminal Injuries Compensation Appeals Panel
  • Industrial Tribunals and the Fair Employment Tribunal (IT/FET)
  • Lands Tribunal for Northern Ireland
  • Mental Health Review Tribunal (MHRT)
  • Northern Ireland Valuation Tribunal (NIVT)
  • Planning Appeals Commission
  • Social Security and Child Support Commissioners
  • Special Educational Needs and Disability Tribunal (SENDT)
  • Traffic Penalty Tribunal
  • Pensions Appeal Tribunal

NIJAC's Judicial Shadowing Scheme

If you would like to shadow a Judicial Office Holder, please complete the following forms and submit to judicialappointments@nijac.gov.uk

Judicial Shadowing Scheme Application Form (PDF 254 KB)