Frequently Asked Questions (GetGot)

What is GetGot?

GetGot is the name we have given to our online recruitment system.

It is an IT software system which allows people to apply online for judicial office in Northern Ireland.

Why should I use getgot?

  • It is easy to use and much quicker than completing a hard copy application form.

  • Details on the application form can be changed right up until the closing date.

  • The system helps by checking for errors.

  • Confirmation that your application form has been received will be sent to you by email.

  • There is no risk that your application form will get lost in the post.

  • The system has a series of security procedures which will prevent anyone seeing information s/he is not entitled to see.

  • Applications can be made at any time - 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and up until the closing date.

Can I apply for all Judicial posts online?

It is our intention that you should be able to apply for all judicial posts using GetGot.

However, you will always be able to apply for judicial office in the traditional way i.e. by completing and submitting hand written application forms, particularly as a reasonable adjustment.

How safe is it?

GetGot is safe, secure and very straight forward.

The developers have over 20 years experience in providing HR and recruitment software solutions to a wide range of organisations across the public and private sectors in Northern Ireland, the Republic of Ireland and Great Britain.

Has it been tested?


The system has been extensively tested internally by NIJAC staff and externally by the system’s developers and independent IT experts.

A number of test applications have also been successfully carried out with local solicitors and barristers to ensure that system functions correctly.

Will my personal details be secure?


Due to the nature of NIJAC's recruitment, security and confidentiality of personal details have been set at a much higher level than for similar recruitment systems.

Everything has been rigorously tested by independent experts in IT security who work to the latest government standards in information assurance and security.

What steps should I take to protect my information?

The following examples demonstrate the simple steps you should take to ensure that your information is not compromised:

  • Keep your anti-virus program up to date;

  • Always use a firewall;

  • Use a safe internet browser;

  • Keep your operating system up to date;

  • Use a good surge protector or battery backup;

  • Always backup your data;

  • Keep original software and license information in a secure place;

  • Be careful what you subscribe to;

  • Ensure sensitive information on the computer screen is not visible to others;

  • Protect your user ID and Password;

  • Always log out rather than exiting by clicking on the 'X'; and

  • Always lock your computer when you are away from it.

If you are submitting your application from a public terminal (e.g. internet café or library):

  • Always reboot when starting to use the public PC;

  • Clean up cache files after use;

  • Be sure you sign off completely when you are done and log out correctly.


  • Leave without closing all browsers and logging out from the public PCs;

  • Let others watch over your shoulder while logging in or completing your application;

  • Copy or share data or programs;

  • Share your PIN or password;

  • Download software unless you are sure it is safe to do so;

  • List your e-mail address on the internet;

  • Store sensitive information in portable devices without strong encryption;

  • Leave your computer / sensitive documents unlocked;

  • Write down your password. Especially on a post-it note near your computer.

Is my computer compatible with GetGot?

GetGot is a web based application and is compatible with all major browsers, Internet Explorer (v9 and above), Firefox (v3.5 and above), Google Chrome or Safari (v4 and above).

If you are having problems seeing information on screen, refresh your webpage by pressing the key F5. This should bring up the most up-to-date version of the page you are viewing.

Different browsers may however experience compatibility problems. If you are experiencing technical difficulties please contact NIJAC on (028) 9056 9100 and ask to speak to someone in the Appointments Team.

How do I apply for a post?

To apply online for judicial office you must register online to create a Profile.

In order to do this you must enter;

  • an email address
  • create and enter a password
  • confirm your password
  • enter your last name and first name
  • enter a telephone number
  • select your occupation

* All of the above fields are mandatory and must be completed to create a profile.

Click 'Register'.

You will be directed to the 'Job Opportunities' page. On this page click 'Apply' beside the Judicial office you wish to apply for, the email address used to set up your profile and a unique PIN number for this application will be displayed. (A unique PIN Number will be issued for each separate scheme you apply for).

Click 'Continue to online application' to begin.

I haven't received a PIN number. What should I do?

The first thing to do is check your Junk mail folder.

Sometimes a computer's security software will place automated replies in a Junk Folder.

If you still cannot trace find the confirmation email with your PIN number, please contact NIJAC on (028) 90 569100 and ask to speak to someone in the Appointments Team.

I have forgotten my password. What should I do?

If you have forgotten your password, click on the 'Forgotten my password' button. You will then be asked to enter your profile email address and click the 'Submit' button. A new password will be generated and emailed to you (if you do not receive this please check your junk mail folder).

Do I have to complete the application in one session?

No. You can log in and out of your application form as often as you want, completing or amending as required.

How can I resume my online application?

To resume your application go to the 'Apply Online' page on the NIJAC Website and click ‘Resume’ next to the office you are applying for.

To resume an application you will have to;

Stage 1. Enter your email address and password. Click 'Login'.

This will direct to the Job Opportunities page and you will now be logged in to your profile.

Stage 2. Click 'Resume' next to the office you are applying for. This will prompt you to enter your email address and PIN number. Click 'Login'.

You will now be logged in to your online application.

* Please note whilst your password will remain consistent throughout all online applications you submit; PIN numbers are unique to each Judicial Appointment scheme you apply for.

I am unable to resume my online application. What should I do?

Check that the PIN you are using is the same as the one NIJAC e-mailed you for this scheme.

If the PIN is the same and you are still experiencing difficulties, please contact NIJAC on (028) 90 569100 and ask to speak to someone in the Appointments Team.

When I am working and saving my application 'online' can NIJAC view my progress?


No one is able to access the contents of your form when it is a work in progress.

NIJAC will only see your application once you submit it as completed.

Are there word restrictions in the application form?


Depending on the scheme you will be limited to a certain number of words in each section. We have provided with you a word counter which will show you how many words you have used.

The system will not allow you to submit your application if you exceed the word count.

Can I cut and paste into the text boxes?

Yes. However applicants should note if copying text from a Microsoft Word document not all formatting will carry through. The text boxes will have a formatting tool bar which allows you to tidy up the presentation of your responses.

I have copied text from Microsoft word and pasted into my online application form. However it is misaligned and not formatting correctly.

If you are using a Microsoft WINDOWS operating system you can paste the text into 'Notepad' and then paste from Notepad into your application form. Notepad will remove all formatting and allow you to paste the text into your application where it can be reformatted as required.

Notepad is on WINDOWS only and can be found by clicking on 'Start''  -  'All Programs'  -  'Accessories'  -  'Notepad'.

I am getting an error message which is preventing me from submitting my application form.

Please contact NIJAC on (028) 90 56 9100 and ask to speak to someone in the Appointments Team.

To assist us in diagnosing the problem make a note of the error message.

It would also be helpful to send us a screen print of the error message by email (

To do this, press the 'Print Scrn' button on your keyboard. You will find this top right in most standard computer keyboards.

Then simply paste it into the body of an e-mail and send it to NIJAC along with a short covering note.

How do I know if NIJAC has received my application form?

When you submit your form, you will receive an automatically generated e-mail to confirm your application has been successfully delivered to NIJAC.

The email will contain a PDF copy of your completed Application and Equity Monitoring Forms.

I have submitted an online application but haven't received a confirmation e-mail. What do I do?

Check your Junk mail folder.

Sometimes a computer's security software will place automated replies in a Junk Folder.

If you still cannot trace a response, please contact NIJAC on (028) 90 569100 and ask to speak to someone in the Appointments Team

Who will see my Equity Monitoring Form?

The information on the Equity Monitoring Form can only be accessed by NIJAC’s Equity Monitoring Officers.

The Equity Monitoring Form is printed and retained separately from your Application Form.

Equity Monitoring information about applicants to judicial office is also stored on a secure database with restricted access.

The information is purely retained for monitoring purposes. It is not made available to the Selection Committee and does not play a role in the decision making process.

Why do you need my Equity Monitoring information?

NIJAC is required to monitor gender, age, disability, ethnic origin, community background and the parts of Northern Ireland (if any) with which applicants regard themselves as being most closely associated.

This is to ensure that so far as it is reasonably practicable to do so, that a range of persons reflective of the community in Northern Ireland is available for consideration by the Commission whenever it is required to select a person to be appointed, or recommended for appointment, to a listed judicial office.

What happens if I decide not to submit my online application form?

If you have decided not to submit your application form, or have left it partially completed, it will be deleted off the system after the closing date.

No one will see it or have access to it.

Who do I contact if I have a problem?

If you are experiencing any technical difficulties with GetGot please contact NIJAC on (028) 90 569100 and ask to speak to someone in the Appointments Team.