Feedback can be provided to applicants with the aim of providing constructive information about their application, quality of evidence, and performance in a particular scheme.

Papersift Feedback

Written feedback will normally be available after shortlisting. If a scheme has a high volume of applicants it may be necessary to provide feedback in a more general way.

Requests for feedback must be received within 5 days of receipt of the notification of outcome.

The feedback provided will give an account of the applicant’s demonstration of evidence against the advertised criteria and the Person Specification for the office under recruitment. Applicants should allow 4 weeks from the request to receive this feedback.

Shortlist Test Feedback

As a Shortlist test is only used in high volume schemes feedback will be provided in a general way to all applicants who did not progress to shortlist as soon as possible following receipt of the notification of outcome.

The following documents will be issued to applicants:

Generic Feedback Report

The feedback report will give generic anonymised information which outlines the scoring bands and the percentage of the applicant pool that scored within each band.

Applicants will be informed which band their score falls within.

Shortlist Test Feedback Booklet

The feedback booklet is a version of the Shortlist test including the scores allocated to each multiple choice answer. These documents will be published on the website a short time after applicants have received the feedback.

Examples of previous Shortlist Test feedback reports.

Assessment Stage Feedback

Oral feedback will be available to applicants who were unsuccessful after the final assessment stage.

Feedback must be requested within 5 days of receipt of the notification of outcome.

NIJAC aims to publish the proposed date of this feedback in the Applicant Information Booklet. Feedback will normally only be available on the advertised date. In the event that it is not possible to publish the feedback date in the Applicant Information Booklet, applicants will be advised as soon as possible when feedback will be available.

The content of the feedback will reflect the Selection Committee’s agreed moderated assessment. There will be 20-30 minutes allocated for feedback.

Telephone feedback may be used when there is a high volume of applicants or at the applicant’s request.

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