Glossary of Terms

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Barristers are ‘called to the Bar’ when they have finished their training, they are then allowed to represent clients.

The Bar is also a collective term for all barristers, represented by the Bar Council of Northern Ireland. As at 1 May 2010 there were almost 606 members of the Bar Library.

Bar Council of Northern Ireland

This is the professional body representing barristers in Northern Ireland. It is located at
91 Chichester Street, Belfast.

Among other things it seeks to maintain the honour and independence of the Bar as part of the legal system.

Additional information can be found on The Bar Council website.


Barristers (also known as Counsel) specialise in providing legal advice and courtroom advocacy within all Courts in Northern Ireland and, occasionally, in other jurisdictions.

See Counsel.


Judges sitting in court are collectively known as ‘the Bench’.


Benchmarking provides a snapshot of performance and helps you understand where you are in relation to a particular standard. It is based on a comparative methodology i.e. comparing one organisation’s performance against another over a specific time frame.