Schemes in progress

The following recruitment schemes are in progress:

Medical Members of the Victims’ Payments Board x15

In progress (Assessment stage)

Appeal Tribunals – Disability Qualified Member X14

In progress (Shortlisting stage)

Appeal Tribunals – Medical Generalist Member X42

In progress (Pre-appointment check stage)

Pensions Appeal Tribunals – Legal Member (1)

In progress (Appointment stage)

Judicial Appointments Managers (NIJAC)

1 x Permanent Full-Time & 1 x Temporary Full-Time to cover maternity leave. (Assessment stage)

Human Resources Business Partner (NIJAC)

In progress (Shortlisting stage)

Communications & Diversity Manager (NIJAC)

In progress (Eligibility stage)

Governance & Business Planning Manager (NIJAC)

In progress (Advertisement stage)