NIJAC announce Charity Partnership with Chest, Heart & Stroke

The Northern Ireland Judicial Appointments Commission (NIJAC), have chosen Northern Ireland Chest Heart & Stroke as their charity partner for 2024. NIJAC nominates a charity each year and look forward to working with and supporting the leading charity in the months ahead.

Northern Ireland Chest Heart and Stroke provides care and support to anyone living with chest, heart and stroke conditions and funds ground-breaking research into better treatments, care and prevention. The charity also works to prevent these illnesses and provides Health and Wellbeing services to many organisations, as well as to staff at NIJAC, which is warmly welcomed and appreciated.




Tonya McCormac, Chief Executive Officer, NIJAC commented:

“Deaths due to chest, heart and stroke conditions, when combined, are the number one cause of death in Northern Ireland. We welcome the opportunity to join with Northern Ireland Chest Heart & Stroke as our charity partner to support their valuable work, providing support and care to those that need it, educating people in schools, communities and workplaces about the early warning signs of the conditions, while encouraging everyone to enjoy healthy and active lives. NIJAC will be organising fundraising events during the year to support their work as well as providing volunteering opportunities for staff. We are looking forward to a number of talks from the Wellbeing Team on how to minimise stress and tips on ensuring a better night’s sleep as well as benefiting from Well Checks where staff will be made aware of the benefits of a healthy lifestyle and know the signs and symptoms of a heart attack and stroke.”

In 2022/23 Chest, Heart & Stroke helped almost 24 thousand people and organisations across Northern Ireland.

Regina Cox, High Value Partnerships Manager Northern Ireland Chest Heart & Stroke says:

We are very excited to be partnering with NIJAC this year and supporting their plans for Wellbeing workshops and fundraising events throughout 2024. In Northern Ireland as many as 1 in 3 people are living with chest, heart and stroke conditions; sixteen people have a heart attack every day in NI. As a charity we rely heavily on donations to support our services and fund research. Almost 90 percent of our income comes from public donations. The funds raised through our partnership will enable us to continue to help the local community and provide life-changing services for people living with chest, heart and stroke conditions and their families. We are delighted to be working with NIJAC and look forward to a great partnership.”