NIJAC is committed to:

  • implementing a fair, accountable and transparent initial screening process to sift applicants against advertised eligibility criteria;
  • continuing to review the eligibility criteria where possible in advance of a competition to ensure it provides for equality of opportunity, is appropriate to the role and assists NIJAC to meet its statutory remit: and
  • ensuring that a fair, accountable and transparent process is in place to handle issues and queries that arise regarding statutory eligibility criteria.

Statutory Requirements

Statutory requirements for appointment to judicial office are set out in governing legislation for the particular judicial office under recruitment. NIJAC may only appoint or recommend for appointment to judicial office those who meet the statutory eligibility requirements.


Applicants are subject to the statutory retirement age for the office (70 years). (A reasonable period of service before retirement is expected.)

Nationality Requirements

Applicants usually must fulfil at least one of the following nationality requirements:

  • be a citizen of the United Kingdom;
  • be a citizen of Ireland;
  • be a citizen of a Commonwealth country;
  • hold dual nationality, one of which falls within the above criteria.