District Judge (MC) Prytherch

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Judicial Member

District Judge (Magistrates’ Courts)


Mrs Rosalie Prytherch was appointed as District Judge (Magistrates’ Courts) in 2005 having spent 18 years as a solicitor in a Belfast based commercial law firm.

One of her main areas of practice was in the field of employment law.

Period of Appointment and Remuneration:

District Judge Prytherch was appointed as a Commissioner in the Northern Ireland Judicial Appointments Commission on 17 June 2013 until 16 June 2018. She has subsequently been appointed for a further five year term from 12 November 2018 to 11 November 2023. With the exception of the lay magistrate, judicial members will not receive a fee.

Other Public Appointments Held and Remuneration Received:


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