Application Advice

Prior to completing an application NIJAC strongly advises applicants to read through the document below which is relevant to the office they are applying:

Further Advice

  • Examples do not all need to be provided from your current or most recent employment. Examples from other areas of your life may be used if you consider they better address an area of the Personal Profile.

  • Each area of the Self Assessment is typically limited to 500 words therefore you need to be concise while addressing all areas. Bullet points are acceptable to use.

  • Focus on your personal role and make sure the Selection Committee are made aware of your actions.

The links below will guide you to some further documents and information which you may find useful in assisting or informing your application:

Judicial Profiles

This section includes profiles written by former and current Judicial Office holders in Northern Ireland with the aim of informing applicants about the day to day realities of that office.

Nature of the Role

The nature of the role documents are provided to give applicants further insight to the work undertaken within a judicial office.

Judicial Shadowing scheme

Applicants are encouraged to shadow an existing office holder to help inform career planning as well as taking the opportunity to develop a better understanding of the role.